Light spirit monster legends

light spirit monster legends

Fire/ Light ; Nature/Electric; Water/Dark; Nature/Magic. This means you cannot use the single element monster and breed directly with the other. You need to use. Light Spirit - Type: Common - Elements: Light - Special attack: Love Explosion - These lighthearted pixie creatures spend most of their time unseen. On account. [Info] Monster Legends: Próximas 11 Mazmorras. Monsters, Legends. How to Breed Pandalf In Monster Legends. pyrook+pandaken. light spirit monster legends The weirdest thing happened to me. August 14, at 4: April 6, at 2: June 11, at 8: June 11, at 6: Any combinations for erpham…tried most of the combination for couple of weeks. Can I get Drop Elemental by breed on mobile phone?


How to breed Pelitwirl and Pulseprism + combat in monster legends


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